B 106, Alpha 1st Greater Noida 201310



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The new route is out for weekdays

August 21, 2017

We have observed that it is difficult to assemble at one common point and then leave for the ride. More often than not it results over training for some and under for the rest.Therefore after days of calibrated efforts, we have have been able to come out with a riding route map for regular days.This should solve the problem for most of us. Weekends will always be dedicated to further explore and experience rides around the city.


Starting Point . AVJ Heights 05:10 am 
Silver City Main Gate: 05:25 am 
Eldeco roundabout: 05:30 am 
P3 roundabout: 05:45 am 
NRI city Main Gate: 05:50 am 
AWHO roundabout:06 :15 am 
LG Roundabout: 06:35 am 
AVJ Heights: 06:45 am 
Silver city Main Gate : 06: 50 am 
Eldeco roundabout: 06:55 am 
P3 roundabout: 07:05 am 
NRI city Main Gate: 07:10 am 
AWHO roundabout:07 :35 am 
LG Roundabout: 07:55 am 

For everyone, the daily ride distance will be around 23-25 km and the time will be 1 hour 20 Minutes.Let us stick this plan for the benefit of all. 




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