Greater Noida Cycling Club is a not for profit club / organization. A club created by cycling enthusiast of Greater Noida to provide platform to connect all cyclists residing in and around Greater Noida. Regular rides are being planned, anyone can join group rides. All you need a Bicycle and Safety gears like Helmet, Front and rear lights (Mandatory for Early morning & Night Rides). We follow policy of No Helmet No Ride. We want you to stay safe & fit, paddle out your fitness regime.

       With an intention to build a enjoyable cycling experience to the group members we have set below mentioned ground rules to guide the common conduct of the group members in routine and during certain events.

​This is a participative group any feedbacks / suggestions to the ground rules or for that matter any aspect of the group is welcome.


​1. Only cycling & fitness & health awareness related issues of common interest to be floated discussed in the groups.

2. Promotional activities are not allowed on the group wall / web page, except with the permission of the core committee.

​3. Any personal commercial interest of any member CANNOT be floated in the group except suggestions for cycle or cycling related equipment(s) as suggestions to the members.

​4. Members must not spam the group in any form with information which is not related to cycling or fitness directly for e.g. Good Morning messages, images of unrelated matters, puzzles, viral unrelated content etc.

​5. The decision of GNCC founding members for keeping or removing the content posted by any of the members on various platforms will be final and binding on all existing members of the group.

​6. Apart from sharing images you click, on your personal rides, GNCC rides or any other cycling you may post queries or information on anything related to Cycling Health or Fitness.

​7. You may feel free to use the group /web page to buy or sell your cycle and equipment, as long as it is not a commercial enterprise. Any commercial posting must be approved by Core Committee.

​8. Due to safety reasons, members are not allowed to use the forum to organize Cycling trips / rides / events of their own inviting other members. Only admins / moderators authorized by Core Committee will organize such events, and members may suggest locations if they have any.

​9. Members may suggest places / circuits to visit for cycling rides. If multiple requests are received, admins or moderators may hold an online poll.

​10. Members may volunteer for core committee roles / event volunteer. Decision of core committee will be final for such request. In case of any conflict decision of founding members shall be final.

​11. Spamming or posting irrelevant material is strictly not allowed. Trolling and disrespect towards other group members will result in a permanent ban.

​12. Participation in any ride or event organised by the club is purely a voluntary activity on behalf of the rider or parents of rider in case he / she is a minor if attending or joining the event any harm of injury loss of liability to me /my property is caused than the members family or member will not hold Greater NOIDA Cycling Club its administrators / members/ organizers / sponsors responsible for the same.

​13. Accept the guidelines as issued by the founding members / core committee /Ride planning committee from time to time.

​14. No Individual or Club Group rides to be floated in the group by any member who is not a part of the Ride Leader's Group.If any member want's to float a ride he / she to share the same with Ride Leader's group & get it floated to ensure proper structuring and scheduling within the group. Essence is to maintain the strength & proper schedule of the riding group.Rides to be structured on the lines of Consistency / Endurance / Fun ,Friendship & for a Cause - Events .


Members can be part of following sub groups subject to meeting the criteria(s) as below:

GNCC Ride Planner Group - Proactive set of member planning and leading regular rides responsibly and efficiently.

1) At least 1 ride per fortnight as a ride leader

2) At least 4 rides per week with GNCC group rides

3) At least 1 Sunday fun ride in a month mandatory

3) Riding/participating in GNCC special rides/events

4) Providing suggestions to make our rides more interesting

GNCC Core Group - proactive set of members working continuously towards promoting the culture of cycling and expansion of GNCC.

1) Providing suggestions and work for club improvement ,expansion & recognition

2) Must be present in at-least one core group meeting in a month

3) 2 Sunday Fun rides and 4 weekday rides mandatory along with participation in GNCC special rides/events

4) Provide suggestions to make GNCC rides more interesting

5) Should proactively manage and execute the key responsibility area of work assigned or undertaken in the GNCC core group

GNCC Telegram Group - primary group open for everyone interested in cycling with GNCC in events or in regular rides.

1) Rider who wants to ride only in GNCC events/special rides

2) Riders who join for 1 or 2 rides in a month

GNCC Whatsapp Group - this group is for more consistent riders riding in GNCC group on weekdays & weekends.

This group is to promote the culture of cycling in our daily life(s). Joining GNCC strava group is mandatory as criteria(s) will be confirmed from Starva API of the group

1) Riding at least in 4 GNCC post group rides in a month

2) Riding at least 1 Sunday fun ride in a month

​16. Basic rules of riding in the group / group event are

  • Helmet / Front & Rear light is mandatory.

  • Carry Hydration

  • Always be on time for rides.

  • Be visible - wear reflective & vibrant noticeable clothes.

  • Spare Tube & Puncture Kit

  • Portable Air Pump

  • Keep your phones reachable.

  • No ear phones on ride.

  • Follow Traffic Rules & Be Safe !

  • Some Cash